Interactive Classes

  • Personal attention to each and every student by Dev Sir
  • Doubt clearance in class itself
  • Creative & Interesting teaching methods

Digital Learning

  • Use of Digital Board which make studies time efficient
  • Makes Maths more interesting
  • Use of technology for smart learning

Use of Animation

  • Makes Maths easy to understand and more attractive
  • Creative videos for better understanding of topics
  • Make students to think beyond their imagination

Regular Tests

  • Capsule Tests: for revision of topics
  • Part Tests: for deep analysis of a chapter
  • Mega Test: for board examination


Study Material

  • Each student is provided with high quality study material
  • Assignment sheets are provided after every class
  • Handpicked questions for different exams

Marathon Class

  • Continuous 10-12 hrs classes during board preparatory leave
  • Full syllabus revision within this time period
  • These classes prepare students to appear in board exams

Interaction with Parents

  • PTM on regular basis
  • Detailed performance analysis of student is provided to parents
  • Regular attendance and marks updated through call and text messages

Computer Lab

  • Well maintained computer systems
  • Make students tech-friendly
  • Prepare students for computer-based tests


Career Counselling

  • MGD provides career guidance for wide area of fields
  • This helps students to make right career choice
  • We are dedicated towards building a better future of students

Motivational Sessions

  • Dev Sir inspires student to become a better version of themselves
  • His inspiring words help students to excel in studies
  • He inculcates morale values in each and every student


  • Contains latest and updated Mathematics books
  • Students can issue books to enhance their subject knowledge
  • Our library contains books for boards and competitive exams

Guest Speakers

  • Variety of speakers share their experiences with students
  • Their expertise make students enthusiastic
  • Self growth is achieved through such speeches

Strong Alumni Network

  • MGD has strong worldwide network of alumni
  • Alumni network help students in their career growth
  • Alumni guide students towards path of success


  • Prepare students for future job interviews
  • Students gain communication skills and confidence
  • It develops individual’s personality

Annual Sports Meet

  • Sports events are organised every year
  • It makes student physically active
  • It teaches them team spirit and sportsmanship

Cultural Event

  • Develops event management skills
  • Overall personality of a student is developed
  • It acts as a platform for students to showcase their talents

Hygienic Premises

  • Proper sanitized and ventilated classrooms
  • Clean and separate washrooms for boys and girls
  • Regular sanitation and maintenance of institut